• ISBN-10: 1-4292-6394-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-6394-8
  • Paper Text , 416 pages

Second Edition   ©2012

Psychology in Everyday Life

David G. Myers , Hope College

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Creating an exceptionally student-friendly textbook in psychology isn’t just about making the chapters shorter and pages more colorful.  It’s about using that type of format to provide a clear portrait of psychological science, concise but not oversimplified, all while continually answering the recurring student question: “What does this have to do with me?”
David Myers’ brief introduction to psychology, Psychology in Everyday Life, certainly does offer brief, easily manageable chapters and a colorful, image-rich design (both shaped by extensive research, class testing, and instructor/student feedback).  But what makes it such an exceptional text is what flows through those chapters—rich presentations of psychology’s core concepts and field-defining research, examined in context of the everyday lives of all kinds of people around the world and communicated in the captivating storyteller’s voice that is instantly recognizable as Myers’.
The new edition of Psychology in Everyday Life offers an extraordinary amount of new research, effective new inquiry-based study tools, and further design innovations, all while maintaining its trademark brevity and clean layout.  And it is accompanied by an innovative media/supplements of the same scope as all of David Myers’ more comprehensive textbooks.

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